Archive of data from non-polar ice cores

IDB is an open source database released according to the GNU General Public License, therefore it is completely configurable, customizable and shareable. It is based on an existing structured database called WDB (Water and Weather Database System) released by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute n 2012

The aim of IDB is to archive data derived from ice cores characterization drilled in non polar glaciers. Currently a total of 178 different ice cores is stored. They were retrieved from 4 different sources, NOAA-NIDC database, NICL table, DISAT ice cores and scientific literature. Of these, 56 ice cores come from NOOA and NICL, 2 from DISAT and 120 are new georeferenced and first time stored ice cores. In the NOAA NCDC website there is a Ice Core Gateway page where it is possible to find “The World's Ice Cores”, that is a list compiled by the International Ice Cores Data Cooperative of some ice cores. The NICL database is only a tab with different rows and columns filled with data that can be downloaded from the site. These two databases store a total of 56 non-polar ice cores located prevalently in America and some in Indo-Kush-Karakorum-Himalaya (HKKH). They do not contain Italian or European ice cores.


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