IDB - Ice Core Database v 1.0


In this page are presented two useful tools to search in quickly and efficient way ice core data. In the page is possible find:

  • a form built with drop-down menus, this is the core of the page, from there you can concretely download the data;
  • a webGIS that can be use to localize and get information about name and dataprovider of the ice cores.

How to

Three drop-down menu has been built to retrieve chemical and physical ice cores data characterizations. It is possible select an ice core name, a dataprovider or a parameter name. You can start your research with any of these three variables. When a variable is selected, automatically the other two drop-down menu will be related with this choice. The dowloading file format is CSV with comma separated field. To generate it just press the download button. You can download data selecting even only one of the three variables (e.g.selecting 'maggi v.' as dataprovider, you can direcly download all ice cores data related to him.)