Commission on
Glacier, Firn and Ice Caves

Aim of the Commission

Caves and the cryosphere are very sensitive to the climate change. Ice caves and Glacier Caves are strictly related to hipogean physical propierties and micrometeorology and glacier dynamics, and external forcings as precipitatio, temperatures, wind, etc....

Due to the climate change, mid-to-polar latitude ice cavea and glacier caves are now in danger, at different rates, for the reduction in term of volumes and areas. Melting of ice bodies will eventually change the caves dynamics, and most of the past information archived is vanishing from melting and ice reducing.

The aim of the Commission is improve the collaborations between UIS and non-UIS  communities, working in ice and glacier caves,to define the guideline for the ice body exploration and ice coring and to explore the possibility of project design and funding (national and international agencies).

Few words

From the 2013, officially during the UIS International Congress of Speleology, from 21th to 28th July 2013 in Brno, The Czech Republic, I became president of the UIS Commission on Glacier, Firn and Ice Caves, that will have a new short acronym of GlacioCaves.

Geologist and glaciologist, my work were done in many different glaciated environments, from the Antarctica and Grennlant, to the mountain glaciers, to ice caves, mainly in the European karst.

First of all I must thank you the Prof. Adolfo Eraso Romero, the past president, who create and animate the Commission (in principle Working Group on Glacie Caves and Karst in  Polar Regions) from the 1990.

For the next 4 years the Aim of the Commission are:
- Understand the mechanisms of formation and evolution of ice caves (IC) and glacier caves (GC),
- Evaluate the relationship of IC and GC with past climate and the actual and future global warming,
- Recovery and spread on geographic and topographic dispersion of IC and GC
- Provide future scenario of the IC and GC
- Help in the protection and conservation

Because the complexity of the Commission topics, aims and the diversity of the environments where the IC and GC were locatedd, the Commission is devided into 2 working groups:

        Ice Caves (Carbonate, Gypsum, Volcanic tubes, other rocks) chair by Aurel Persoiu

        Glacier Caves (Glaciers, Ice Caps, Ice Sheets, Nevee) chair by Bulat Mavlyudov

Valter Maggi