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European Cold Laboratory Facilities

The University of Milano-Bicocca, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences realize an integrated laboratory with controlled atmosphere, for experiments and samples manipulation in particular environmental conditions. 

The EuroCOLD cover about 600 squared meters  integrating three interconnected laboratories typologies. The cold rooms, 50 mq at -50°C and 30 mq at -30°C  of temperatures, allow to perform experiments and test equipment (including large size instruments). Connection between the two rooms  to transfer materials and tools from one room to another. It is also possible to place the control instruments outside, in order to minimize the permanence of the technical staff in the cold rooms. 

The clean rooms are build-up with controlled atmosphere at ISO 6 standard (ex Class 1000) and permit to work at environmental temperature (+20°C) and at cold temperatures (at -25°C).  

A warm (environment temperature) laboratory permit to connect with the cold and clean rooms. Especially for the -50°C cold room exist the possibility to remote the control instrumentations outside the cold room.  

Because the high risk of laboratory contamination, and the difficult to operate in environments with controlled atmosphere, all the personnel will make a training period to acquire specific capacity on clean and cold rooms work.

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