SHARE GeoNetwork

SHARE (Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment) is an Italian multidisciplinary scientific and technological project promoted by Ev-K2-CNR, with the support of Italian and International research institutions and in collaboration with the United National Environment Program (UNEP), which aim is to study and to monitor environment and climate variations effects in mountain areas, as mainly indicators of climate change.

Within this integrated research program a global mountain observation network on atmospheric composition, meteorology and glaciology, hydrology and water resources, biodiversity and human health has been developed and maintained since 1994.

SHARE, through these widely varied research activities, aims to respond to the request of international and intergovernmental institutions of improving environmental research in high mountain regions, promoting adaptation policies to climate change effects, and collaborating in order to define needs and priorities identified by UNEP and other International agencies for a better understanding of climate change and its impacts.

In particular, SHARE GeoNetwork is a multidisciplinary catalogue which promotes the access to metadata, spatial data and geographic information on high altitude environments.